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Air Ambulance Services In Kharagpur

Safety and Comfort in the Air Offered by Accretion Aviation Air Ambulance in Kharagpur

Accretion Aviation Air Ambulance Services in Kharagpur ensures seamless transportation of critical care patients to or from a healthcare center with comfort and caution allowing the members of the family peace of mind. By opting for the air evacuation rendered by us, people get to avail of a professional crew that allows being in proximity to the patient until it reaches a clinical center. All our airplanes are furnished with best-in-class innovations and instruments to meet the clinical prerequisites of the patients ready. This module of working grants us to fly at business carrier elevations guaranteeing the smoothest travel for the patient. The aeronautics and medicinal group are capably qualified and experienced and maintain recurrent care in accordance with the health of the ailing person. Our cabins are extra wide allowing ease of loading and unloading of the passenger in comfort.

We supervise and monitor the cabin pressurization, temperature, and flight profile to cater to the medical needs of the flier. This includes decreased cabin noise, stable ferrying options, and ICU setup onboard.

Accretion Aviation Air Ambulance in Kharagpur – Your Companion in Air Rescue

The safety and comfort of the patient are the prime focus of every aspect of the operations held by Accretion Aviation ICU Air Ambulance in Kharagpur. All interior cabins are properly cleaned and kept hygienic after every transportation mission. Each of our air ambulances is manned by a full-fledged medical crew efficiently trained in pre-hospital care protocols to address critically ill patients. Our pioneered air ambulance services have seen a steady increase in the reputation for its services provided at demoted revenue. The crew is capable of handling critical health conditions, and provides affordable services around the clock. Amenities such as ALS (Advanced Life Support) equipped aircraft; with trained professionals along with the tools needed to stabilize patients are available.

  • Our Medical and Aviation Requirements.
  • Certified aviation and medical crew.
  • Clean and hygienic aircraft cabins.
  • Highest ratings of the flight.
  • Presence of skilled nurses and paramedics guided by an expert specialist.
  • Maintained cabin pressure for the comfort of the patient
  • Neonatal, Geriatric, and pregnant women transfer
air ambulance kharagpur air ambulance in kharagpur

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