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Air Ambulance: Emergency Air Ambulance In Mumbai

Air Ambulance Services In Mumbai

Aero-Medical Experience Made Smooth by Accretion Aviation Air Ambulance in Mumbai

Accretion Aviation Air Ambulance Services in Mumbai provides transport resorts for critically ill and mutilated patients to reach the nursing institution for intensive care and ministration. Based on the upsides of notoriety and greatness, we work on quality results. We keep on increasing present expectations in pressing bringing home and patient consideration in the pre-hospital field. We offer one of the sorts of migration benefits that convey life-saving items on each flight. We are one of the most trusted and most seasoned flight programs serving the advancement of patients.

The pilots and other aviation crew of the Accretion Aviation Air Ambulance Service in Mumbai, remain equipped with an extensive variety of experiences in performing every retrieval mission with utmost efficiency. Each pilot and in-flight crew undergo check rides with an evaluator to ensure the required proficiencies in instant conveyance.

You and your family have enough to worry about, with our air ambulance services in Mumbai - we assure you in making saving time and saving lives, a priority and a necessity. We provide this air ambulance in Mumbai service, at reasonable and affordable charges.

Our Air Ambulance in Mumbai are operational 24x7 and 365 days a year, available for booking as per your convenience. We work round the clock and deliver our best each time – with us around, you will always be in trusted hands. All of our air ambulances are fitting with futuristic and dynamic equipment, carefully curated to never fail the requirement of the patient in need.

Our geographical reach is vast and impressive, we will reach you in remote locations and efficiently take you to the foremost health care facilities in the most metropolitan areas such as to Delhi, to Kolkata, to Nagpur, to Lucknow, to Jaipur and to other major locations. We even have an air ambulance service from Mumbai to Dhaka.

Our range of air ambulances is so diverse and adaptable that we can land on the most compact airstrips – We utilize air ambulance jets, including Lear Jet and Gulf Stream, as well as King Air C90 or King Air B200 and Cessna Air Craft. We’re ready to adapt to any situation, whether it is a trauma scenario, mass disaster or any other range of medical emergencies.

Not only that, we also provide the choicest en-route care too, by our ace and well experienced medical professionals. We shoulder the responsibility of providing you with a bedside to bedside service.

The Services Rendered by Accretion Aviation Air Ambulance Mumbai.

Following are the advantages of opting for Accretion Aviation Air Ambulance Mumbai :-

  • Flight nurses keep a keen vigilance on the health of the patients, especially the pediatric, and neonatal.
  • To maintain proficiency in pre-hospital care, we keep improvising the advanced procedure and performance skills.
  • Each flight is adorned with required medical tools.
  • The cabin pressure is maintained according to the health requirements of the patients.
  • The repatriation mission is organized, keeping in mind the financial status and urgency of the situation.

Air Ambulance Service Includes:

  • Easy booking and comfortable costs.
  • Domestic and International Patient Transfers
  • A team of dedicated professional doctors and nurses accompanying the patient from the first to the last leg.
  • Special assistance at the airport for speedy and comfortable boarding.
  • Arrangement of portable lifesaving equipment’s like defibrillators, ventilators, infusion pumps, spine board, balloon pumps, pacemakers, monitors, oxygen cylinders, stretchers and everything else required to maintain optimum health and safety.
  • Administering patient medication, monitoring and providing care on the flight.

Air Ambulance via Commercial Airlines

An extension of our trusted Air Ambulance Service, is our service of Air Ambulances via Commercial Airlines. What is beneficial here is that not only is there room for a state of the art service, there is also a redundancy in terms of budgetary problems. Flying will never be problem, as our dedicated team of professionals (ICU trained doctor and an attendant) and adequate equipment (ICU equipment, stretcher and ventilator equipment) will be at your service, looking after you and ensuring optimal health and safety.

We give you a bedside to bedside service, starting from picking you up from your residence, or healthcare facility via our ground ambulance, followed by transferring you to the ICU set up inside the aircraft – and lastly, dutifully taking you to your desired location upon landing.

This service requires a notice of 3-5 days but comes as an ideal choice, to negate the stress and trouble that any patient might have to go through, in terms of travelling, post recover.

So why choose the tougher route, when we’re waiting to make you feel comfortable, exactly the way you imagine it to be.

Train Ambulance Service

An extension of our trusted Air Ambulance Service, is our service of train ambulances. There is no network like the railways that connects every part of India together, and we’re here to make the most of that, for you.

Our train ambulance service is available across every railway station present in India – not only do we provide a doorstep pick up, we create the provision of an efficient ICU service with an allocated section of the coach, and arm you with our team of dedicated and trained professionals and adequate equipment needed to maintain optimal health and safety. We’re there with you, until the end, until we make sure you reach your destination – safe and sound. Not just that, this service prides itself on being affordable and synonymous with budget friendly.

We provide these services all across India including metropolitan cities such as Indore, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, Guwahati, Lucknow, Bhopal, Gwalior, Patna, and Hyderabad.

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