Save precious life of your loved one: rent air ambulance in your city

The most painful moment in our life is to see our beloved person going away from this world forever. In their crucial health conditions, we always try our best to save their lives. But main constraint in those fights is time. Because of the time taken by the road convenience, it is a very difficult task to take the patient from one city to another. This is the very challenging time for any person. For reducing the risk of someone’s life, we, Accretion Aviation presents you the facility of the Air Ambulance. We can share with you a real story. It’s about the life of a 19 year old girl Shruti. She was suffering from cardiac arrest. She is from Bhopal and doctors refer her to Mumbai for her surgery. She did not have much time to travel from Bhopal to Mumbai by road. So we, at Accretion, arranged an air ambulance for her so that she can reach to Mumbai hospital soon and her life can be saved. And we did it successfully and saved a life. Afterwards we had a conversation with Shruti’s Mother, she shares,


“I cannot explain my pain when my daughter was fighting for her life. It is the most difficult time for any mother to see her child in such condition. At such a time, we can only believe in God. When doctors said that if you want to save her life, then she has to be taken to Mumbai as soon as possible, I didn’t understand what steps should be taken now. Shruti did not have enough time to take her from roadways to Mumbai and also she was unable to travel for such a long time. At that time we got to know about the facility of air ambulance. We contacted Accretion Aviation for the same. They arranged an air ambulance along with ground ambulance to take her from hospital to the airport. I went with her in the ambulance. It was an ICU equipped ambulance with one doctor and a technical assistance. In such a short time we reached at Mumbai airport. At Mumbai airport again, they arranged a ground ambulance to take her from airport to hospital. We reached at hospital at the right time and doctors saved my daughter’s life. I am really thankful to Accretion to provide such arrangements to save precious life of my daughter.” We are really glad to see Shruti out of danger. We tried our best to save her life. If you stuck in such a situation, you can also contact Accretion for the air ambulance services. Other than private air ambulance we also provide commercial air ambulance and train ambulance. We are available for services 24*7. 

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