Save precious life of your loved one: rent air ambulance in your city

The most painful moment in our life is to see our beloved person going away from this world forever. In their crucial health conditions, we always try our best to save their lives. But main constraint in those fights is time. Because of the time taken by the road convenience, it is a very difficult task to take the patient from one city to another. This is the very challenging time for any person. For reducing the risk of someone’s life, we, Accretion Aviation presents you the facility of the Air Ambulance. We can share with you a real story. It’s about the life of a 19 year old girl Shruti. She was suffering from cardiac arrest. She is from Bhopal and doctors refer her to Mumbai for her surgery. She did not have much time to travel from Bhopal to Mumbai by road. So we, at Accretion, arranged an air ambulance for her so that she can reach to Mumbai hospital soon and her life can be saved. And we did it successfully and saved a life. Afterwards we had a conversation with Shruti’s Mother, she shares,


“I cannot explain my pain when my daughter was fighting for her life. It is the most difficult time for any mother to see her child in such condition. At such a time, we can only believe in God. When doctors said that if you want to save her life, then she has to be taken to Mumbai as soon as possible, I didn’t understand what steps should be taken now. Shruti did not have enough time to take her from roadways to Mumbai and also she was unable to travel for such a long time. At that time we got to know about the facility of air ambulance. We contacted Accretion Aviation for the same. They arranged an air ambulance along with ground ambulance to take her from hospital to the airport. I went with her in the ambulance. It was an ICU equipped ambulance with one doctor and a technical assistance. In such a short time we reached at Mumbai airport. At Mumbai airport again, they arranged a ground ambulance to take her from airport to hospital. We reached at hospital at the right time and doctors saved my daughter’s life. I am really thankful to Accretion to provide such arrangements to save precious life of my daughter.” We are really glad to see Shruti out of danger. We tried our best to save her life. If you stuck in such a situation, you can also contact Accretion for the air ambulance services. Other than private air ambulance we also provide commercial air ambulance and train ambulance. We are available for services 24*7. 

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Plan a stunning bachelorette party for your bride to be on a yacht

Mrunal is going to be bride soon. As before her wedding, she went out to Goa with her friends. Her friends wanted to give her a grand bachelorette party. So we at Accretion Aviation helped them out and planned a marvellous bachelorette party for her in Goa on a Yacht. About that evening Mrunal shares,

“I was in a rush of my wedding shopping. I wanted to enjoy with my friends before my marriage. We planned a trip to Goa. Me and my best friends went out to Goa and at an evening my friends took me to Panjim. It was a beautiful evening and an incredible sunset. Suddenly Riya comes to me and ask to come with her. I didn’t know what’s going on. I just followed Riya wherever she took me. Suddenly I saw a beautiful, magnificent and a very pretty looking Yacht.”

Surprised? We planned her bachelorette party on a grand Yacht. Can you imagine the happiness of Mrunal when she was lost in the beauty of Sun and got the amazing surprise of enjoying the whole evening on a Yacht! Now, what next? Want to know? Than just go ahead,

“As I stepped in on the Yacht, I saw the beautiful deck area. Nature’s beauty was incredible from the deck. The shadow of mild red Sun touches the surface of seawater which was an armistice feeling. I lost in the ceasefire of sunset. My other friends were waiting for me on the Yacht. I was totally surprised; I never knew that I am going to celebrate my bachelorette party at such a divine location on a Yacht.”

We arranged a DJ party for them followed by the red wine and Champaign. So many games were arranged for them on the Yacht and a delicious dinner was served afterwards. Mrunal was very happy and delight, she said,

“Accretion made my special day an incredible experience and a life time memory”.

We had a word with Mrunals’s friends, they shares.

“Accretion Aviation is now our all-time favourite choice for any kind of Yacht booking; they made everything very easy for us so that we can enjoy without any worries. Thank you Accretion to provide us the best services.”

So don’t wait, plan the bachelorette party for your Bride To Be on a luxurious Yacht like Rachna, Meghal and Riya! Rent the yacht in Goa for Couples, Groups and Friends at unbelievable affordable price.

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By: Anubhuti Jinsiwale

This wedding season plan a bombshell proposal on a yacht

Shaily talks about her proposal evening she experienced on our beautiful yacht in Mumbai. Her beloved Jay wanted to give her a surprise proposal and we at Accretion Aviation helped him out and executed a romantic evening for them. About that evening Shaily said,

“It was the most beautiful evening of my life. Jay took me out for a date and the venue was a total surprise for me. We reached at Gateway of India and I thought may be our date is in one of the 5 star Hotels. But no! It was a beautiful, a balloon decorated and a very luxurious YACHT!”

Yes you heard right. We organised a beautiful evening on a Yacht. The couple went on a date on a yacht. But the story does not end here. What Shaily experienced in that Yacht? Want to know? Then read what she had to say.

“As I stepped onto the yacht, there was a beautifully decorated cabin with love balloons and my favourite chocolates were arranged in the shape of heart. The floor was fully covered by rose petals. Jay covered my eyes with a red ribbon and took me to the deck area. As I opened my eyes what did I see! It was a small boat facing us inside which jay’s friends were standing by holding banners which read ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME!’I was shocked. My eyes were filled with tears of joy. I was waiting for this day but didn’t know that it will be an out of the box surprise.”

im2 Sounds Amazing! The friends then joined the couple on the yacht and all partied together with champagne and music.

Jay always said that it could never be happen without the help of Accretion. We flawlessly executed the proposal that Jay had planned meticulously. He says “I will always recommend Accretion Aviation for booking Yacht rides.

image 3So what are you waiting for? You can also plan a grand proposal for your loved one like Jay.

How to book a yacht in Mumbai ?

It is very simple to book a yacht in mumbai. No need to go to any port all you have to do is call on +91-9575340786 or visit: and you can book a yacht from a comfort of your own couch.